About us

Dorea Plus d.o.o. is a limited liability company that provides a complete package of services in the field of accounting, tax consulting, business consulting and support necessary for a successful and smooth operation.
Dorea Plus d.o.o. has developed from Dorea, a small business founded in 2006.
Our professional team provides services to small and medium enterprises, small businesses, freelancers, and citizens who keep business records. We pay special attention to those who wish to embark on a business venture, while facilitating daily operations for experienced professionals who already run successful businesses.
Constant learning and education of our employees through seminars organized by various professional bodies and following all relevant publications allow us to offer high-quality services.
In order to provide timely information we are available at any time and we respond to inquiries by e-mail, phone or Skype.
Knowledge of Italian and English language allows us to provide services to foreign partners.
We look forward to your business success and wish to provide you with the support you deserve.

Igor Schneider, BSc(Econ)
Tatjana Schneider, Independent Accountant